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Completed Projects

Aurora City Schools- Harmon Middle School (Summer of 2009)
ABC Piping Co. was responsible for the plumbing portion of the rehabilitation and additions at the Aurora Harmon Middle School. The work consisted of removing and installing new fixtures in the existing school, new retrofit roof drains and associated piping, and installation of equipment in boiler room. ABC Piping Co. handled all underground storm and sanitary piping of the additions, new domestic water lines to service the addition, and installed all fixtures and roof drains.

Parkman Sewer Project:

ABC Piping Co. was responsible for construction of a sanitary wastewater collection, conveyance and treatment system. The complex is complete with a blower building, vacuum building, and sand filter building.

Mayfield City Schools- High School and Middle School (Summer of 2008)
In a fast paced project, ABC Piping Co. had both the middle school and high school plumbing rehabilitation projects. The projects included new fixtures, new domestic water lines, and sanitary/storm sewer repair. The project was completed on time and ready for the students to come back to school.

Rocky River Wastwater Treatment plant: Chemical Storage Building
Installation of new Air Handling Unit, exhaust fans, and plastic ductwork at the Rocky River wastewater treatment plant. The project was done on time and under budget.

Ohio National Guard Armory (Chagrin Falls); Boiler/Heating System renovation
The project involved replacing the existing boiler and renovation of existing boiler system including hydronic piping system for the entire building.

Cleveland State University: Recreation Center Locker Room
ABC Piping Co. was responsible for modifying the existing HVAC for the expansion of the men's locker room into the east lobby and removal and reconstruction of the existing family locker room at the east side of the women's locker room.

Cuyahoga Valley Career Center High Bay Sprinklers
Designed and installed fire protection system at the Cuyahoga Valley Career Center. ABC Piping Co. was responsible for all piping, penetrations and design and the installation of over 230 heads.

Plum Creek WWTP & Columbia West River WWTP
Installation of an influent lift station, wet well, trash trap, flow equalization, settling weirs, fixed media filters, sand filters, chlorine contact tank, aerated sludge holding, post aeration, new blowers, and electrical work.

Abandonment of the 0.006 MGD WWTP, the installation of a sanitary lift station and 1430 feet of 4 inch sanitary force main from the lift station to the city of Olmstead Falls collector sewer on Sprague Road.

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